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Late 1920s

The original St. Benedict parochial school was opened, staffed by the Sisters of Loretto. 
















September, 1968

Due to the parish no longer being able to fund the program, the

parochial school was closed. A non-denominational primary school

for children in surrounding neighborhoods in grades 1-3 opened.

The new school was funded by donations from the Brown Foundation,

the Archdiocesan Foundation, other private donations, and tuition. 

September, 1969

A kindergarten class was added, followed by a four-year-old class

one year later. 







August, 1971

The St. Benedict Center for Early Childhood Education was incorporated

and licensed by the state. Forty-five three, four, and five year olds attended

the center under the direction of Ceciliana Skies, S.L. The center was

primarily funded by a contract with the State for Title IV-A funds. 

September, 1972

Children ages thirteen to thirty-six months old were able to attend the



April, 1973

St. Benedict Center became a member agency of the Metro United Way.

Funds from MUW are used to subsidize tuition for families who are

ineligible to receive funding from other state or federal programs. 



September, 1973

An infant room built to accommodate twelve children was added with the assistance of WHAS Crusade for Children. 

June, 1975

St. Benedict Primary School was closed so that the Early Childhood Education Center could expand into the space. 


Friends of St. Benedict's was established to help fund the Center. 




















 November, 1994

New Directions Housing Corporations unveils plan to transform the

neighboring Brandeis Elementary into an apartment building of 50 units. 

October, 1995

The Board of Alderman voted to appropriate $100,000 in

community-development block-grant funds to the center.

These funds were allocated to be used for the construction of a new

center on the property of the new Brandeis Apartments. 

December, 1995

Innovative ideas for the construction of the new St. Benedict Center

were unveiled by Watrous Associates Architects. The building was designed

as part of a "new generation of buildings called 'Sunships.'" The building

was intended to be as energy efficient as possible. 

















November 19, 1995

Ceciliana Skees, S.L. organized a reunion for the graduates from

St. Benedict Parish. The event was hosted at St. Francis of Assisi

Church and Parish Hall. 550 people from the Class of 1933 onward

were in attendance. The reunion also served as a fundraising effort for

the construction of the new center. 








August 21, 1996

The new Brandeis Apartments has their grand opening ceremony.Next-door, children helped break ground for the construction of the new St. Benedict Center for Early Childhood Education. 


July 30, 1997

The new St. Benedict Center for Early Childhood Education,

located at its current location at 25th and Kentucky,

opened to the public. The inaugural class was made up of

over 100 children. 








     Spring, 2014

       New Directions Housing Corporation began working 

       with St. Benedict Center. 

First Communion Class of 1956.

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